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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We got Ghosted and loved it .................

A friend of mine carried a tradition over from her town to ours!! We were ghosted! What is ghosting you may ask??? Well here's how it goes. It was dark. I herded the kids into the kitchen at the appointed time. We hear a pounding on the door. Who do u think it is I ask the kids?? Making myself sound scared. Nikki's eyes shot wide in terror!!! A stranger she says! I say hmmm, maybe. Stay in the kitchen. Curious eyes peep out the door way as I go retrieve our ghost - a bag filled with toys and goodies and a note which says ............


You have just been ghosted

Keep your ghost posted on your front door through Halloween to ward off phantom ghosts returning to your home.

To activate your protection, you must "GHOST" 2 houses in your neighborhood within 24 hours

All ghosting musty be done after dark done when someone is home

Have fun..... Master Ghost

Bring the ghost, ring the bell and RUN...
Be Sure to hang your ghost outside so people know you have been GHOSTED

We then swung into action, to go ghosting ourselves. We had so much fun!!!! Loaded in the car, little people placing loot in front of doors, ringing the bell and running away like the devil is following them!! We got bust at one house but had so much fun. We giggled for ages - it was a riot!!! We'll be heading out for a serious ghosting tonight! All I could think was that if I was still in South Africa we could be shot for pulling that kind of trick!!!

If you think the house is scary you should meet the people who live here!!

If you think the house is scary you should meet the people who live here!

Our haunted house, a little place we call home

Pitchforks and spiderwebs - hee hee

Enter at your own risk!!!

Beware - spider

Warning this house is haunted!!!

I bought JJ a halloween Costume - JJ is my parents favourite child. He is such a cutie and my little shadow whenever I am there!!


My mom and dad with their son JJ

JJ as Frankenstein - close up

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cookie Monsters, Pizza Princesses and So Much More ........

Nikki's birthday party was awesome. She had such a great time, got spoiled rotten and had the time of her life. Of course the party had to have some hiccups like the guests arriving at 10am, the owner telling me to be there at 9:30am and the manager not opening up until 9:55am. Sheesh my poor pals who arrived early were whipped into action and made to help. We got everything going and I was a bit pissed (bit - yeah right) because it really set me back from organizing all the stuff so I had to miss half the party while I set all the crafts and cookies up.

The kids loved the pizza making but their heads nearly exploded when they received the cookies with the body parts and colored marshmellos. They had a great time. We did a craft, tattoos and then ate cake, they did a Nikki parade and went on their merry way.

We did a quick stop at home to drop off soome perishables and then headed to our friends John and Stacey for Johnny Jr's 4th party. I have spoken about John and Stacey many times, they hold parties at home, that go on for ever and no holds barre. They converted their barn into a haunted house, had huge inflatables including one with a rock climbing wall - almost two stories high, with a huge slide on the other side. They made a pumpkin patch in one of the stalls, had face painters, cotton candy machine and popcorn machines, wow!! Wow. Wow. Thank G-d I did not have to pay for it but I was I happy to be a guest. What a great party it was. We were the first to leave at 5pm. My oh my. Loren and I had such a blast racing each other down the slides, me with Ry on my lap and she had her daughter Cami on hers. A great time was had by all.

J's Dad, Step Mom and the rest of us :)

The Pizza Party Princesses

Me and My pizza princess's

Heart shaped Pizza!!

Ry and the monster :)

Phats this cookie is for you :)

Real cookie monsters - Alex & Nikki :)

After cookies comes crafts

Ry making her photo frame

Happy Birthday!!!

Her Majesty

Nikki being carried by her adoring fans :) Only Nikki!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

How the cookie crumbles ......

FYI - the cookie recipe below, while delicious is really crumbly - except for the ones that turned golden brown, the scorched black ones held together pretty well, but alas no-one was clamoring for those.

In my 13 years of living in the USA, I still hate election time. I can't believe that elections are smear campaigns instead of being based on ones own merit. Politicians take pot shots at each other, go out of their way to discredit each other so one ends up disliking both of them. It was so foreign to me when I first came to the States with my South African naivete firmly in place. I remember being truly horrified, the horror has lessened to disgust. I have the power to vote, I am a believer in every vote making a difference but I must say I wish there was actually a candidate out there that was worthy of my nod.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quick Tip..............

I needed to make cookies quick and simply. For those who don't know me, I love simple easy recipes that give the appearance that I have actually spent time cooking or baking. I found this tip online and you know what it worked so I thought I would pass it on.

1 box of cake mix (any type)
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

Mix together

Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Mine only needed 8 minutes and they are yum. Add in whatever your little heart desires. I made mine pink, flat and round they are the base for faces, which the kids at Nikki's party are going to decorate and make into monsters, along with severed body parts - found all these gruesome gummy candies at Target. They will use red and black frosting/icing just to make it even more disgusting. Did I mention they had gummy eyeballs too?? I love Halloween - this should get them all in the mood!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

A beautiful and thoughtful piece of South Africa from Wenchy - thanks so much!! I love it!! It will go with me wherever my keys may take me!!!

Inner Peace

Since returning from South Africa I try really hard to hang onto the inner peace I found while on the journey. I make a conscious effort to not get bogged down by the hectic pace in New York, the aggression that surrounds me, not one to meditate, not religious either, I gravitate to that place deep within me that I rediscovered and do not wish to let go.

It gets hard to do, especially when faced by a 3:30pm real estate closing in downtown Brooklyn, near the courts on, well, Court Street of course. There I was faced by a prick of attorney who was so nasty, for no apparent reason. He took an instant dislike to me from the minute I walked in the door.

I have never had that experience. He literally threw my business card back at me (its customary to present the three attorneys at the table with your card), he was so obnoxious. I kept my cool, was polite back but have to admit my patience wore thin by the end of the long complicated closing, I starting snapping back at him. It was bad enough having to face crazy Friday afternoon traffic but he was such a bitter person to deal with. I felt cloaked by his negativity, I felt the tears welling up but would not succumb until I was safetly enclosed in my car, where there was a parking ticket waiting for me - and it was not even Friday the 13th. Best I stay home next week.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am a believer............

I don't have OCD although one may be forgiven for thinking otherwise when Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement rolls around. I find myself faced with my own mortality on a daily basis, the wonders of being a parent and harbouring that fear of what if, but on Yom Kippur I add my feverent prayer to the chorus of so many, to be inscribed in the Book of Life, for all those I love and care about around the globe. I feel the words swirling around my head, not sure if I am just feeling faint from not having eaten or had anything to drink in the almost 27 hour period or if it is a religious frenzy. All I know is that it takes hold on that one day and I cannot let the words go. Let's hope it works and that we may all be in that mysterious book for a very long time.

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