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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I may be 20 pounds heavier but I lost my luggage - that must count for something!!!

Its been surreal being home. Yes it is home. It took me going back to South Africa to realize that this trip is it, the one that I say goodbye. My heart is still there and my soul still beats to the sounds of a cowhide drum, but my life is definitely in NY. It is home. 13 years after first leaving SA I can now look at the life I lead and be so grateful for all that I have. Its funny before I left I considered my house a bit of a wreck, Josh was pissing me off and I was spinning so fast trying to get this trip off the ground that I could barely stand. I kept on spinning through my 6 weeks in South Africa and I am back with a renewed sense of peace. My house is a castle and Josh the prince who resides in it with me. I feel grateful to have had 6 weeks to bond with my kids and we have in a way that is hard to describe. Its a warm fuzzy place where we hold hands and giggle. I never used to be able to take the time to do that.

This past week was so manic, I really do live at frenetic life. I came home late every night, one night because of work and then I had Mah Jongg, the next because of work and the next because I had a ladies night out at Bang restaurant with Debie and Lisa, followed by a late night hanging out for Shabbat dinner at my folks house.

Its funny when I was in South Africa I was telling Andi how I now knew I would never live in South Africa again and how I was not sure if I would even visit again. She asked me if that made me sad, I told her no, I spent 10 years mourning for a place that no longer exists there is a certain relief in finally being ok with where I am.

Its good to be at peace. At last.

Its funny because I am emmitting some strange vibes because wherever I go strangers are coming up to me and starting indepth conversations in a way they never have before, even my snobbish neighbours have made a point of going out of their way to greet me. Odd stuff.

While I was away Josh painted the kitchen for me and it looks so fabulous I just love sitting in it, its so tranquil.

I am so grateful to the powers that be for letting me be open enough to finally see what was there all along. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by my family, friends and the love of those who don't live nearby but I carry them in my heart wherever I go.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our travels continue ...............

Sunday, July 16th
Left the Vaal early to go meet Broom Girl, Super Mom and Wenchy. There is something so special about connecting with people on-line and then when you meet it is even better in person. I felt instantly comfortable with them and knew if I did live closer that they would be part of my crew. Jax lives in a beautiful home and laid on quite a spread, I ate so much sugar I think I was bouncing around. They also surprised me with the most thoughtful gift and I was really touched and I will treasure it. Thanks guys.

Afterwards we left to go visit my cousins who as we were getting to Rosebank, called to say one of the kids were sick and could we do it another day. No problem we hit Rosebank Flea Market instead and Ry had a "lekker stuk vleis" at the Black Steer, the first proper meal she had eaten since our night at Jody.

Back to the Vaal to pack for our trip to Sun City.

Monday July 16th
8am took the car in to have the shocks checked - all working ok. Went to run a few errands with zonk, the clutch just gives way and I can't drive the car anymore. We waited over 2 hours for a mechanic to come from BMW to take a look at it. Turns out the clutch cylinder had gone and I had lost a lot of brake fluid - yay no clutch, no brake. Would have been a great trip to Sun City.

I had called at 8:45am and did not get into BMW before 11:30am, at which point they tell me that I missed the 10am order time to get a parts delivery. After waiting for 2 hours I flipped out - because had they come earlier we could have made it without a problem. Its amazing when you just stand your ground and push back hard how solutions are found. I really have been living in NY for too long. Magically they found a part and in less then an hour it was fitted and we were on our merry way to Sun City.

Nin and I were saying how fortunate we were and how we both consider ourselves to be lucky people. We felt so lucky that we did not get caught en-route to S.C. there are some scary roads we would have to travel on.

We arrived in Sun City, our accomdation was absolutely supurb. Too tired to hit the Spar to buy food we went to Squires Loft for what would turn out to be one of oiur favourite meals in South Africa, I had the best calamari and the steaks were supurb!!!

Tuesday, July 18th

After the stress and the trip my neck and shoulders were in such spasms I could barely move. I booked myself in for a massage of note - it was wicked and got me moving. Ah do I love to be pampered, I must have been royalty in a past life.

Nin and Happiness took the girls to the Valley of the Waves where they had an unbelievable time. After the Spa I went to Spar :), came home, whipped up dinner. Nin and I played scrabble that night, she whipped me silly.

Wednesday, July 19th
Took the kids, Nin and Happiness to the infamous Sun City Breakfast. The kids were in their element, they could not believe that I would let them eat so much crap, waffles, pancakes, sugared cereal. I let them eat to their hearts content, at R110.00 per person (around $16). I must say I don't think they made any money on us as Ry demolished their smoked salmon platter, major bucks in SA and inexpensive here, my kids eat it all the time. The kids are enjoying eating stuff that I don't keep in my house in NY. Part of the experience in SA is the culinary one, I gave my kids freedom to try anything and everything. Its a wonder they could even sit still with all the sugar swimming through their veins. Nin completely spoiled her nieces with ice creams and candy.

The kids and Happiness hit the water slides at the Valley of the waves while Nin and I read on the beach. Its been such a treat being able to read and I just devoured books, one after the other.

Thursday, July 20th
Nin went to a meeting in Pretoria. The kids sat around watching TV in their PJ's. After lunch we hit the Valley of the Waves, Ry and Happiness did the big slides while Nikki and I hung out in the kiddies section. It started getting a bit Nippy so I dropped them off at the heated pool by our room, and I spent the afternoon eating a huge bag of flings (my favourite chips) and watching TV. After dinner I taught the girls how to drink milk through a peppermint crisp - they loved it, ahhh the skills that will carry them through life :)

Friday, July 21st
Took the long drive back to the Vaal, took a wrong turn and ended up getting a tad lost but we eventually made it.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Friday, July 14th
A day of non-stop running, meeting with jewellers, ordering gifts for Josh from hawkers in the street, Stopped at Steers for one of the vilest hamburgers I have ever had, they used to be one of my favourites as we headed out to get Ninnette (my sister) from the airport). Hit the supermarket, whipped up a yummy shabbat meal, my kids love the fish in SA and fried or baked Hake is a treat and a half.
Its so nice being in a place where people are so helpful, my mom's glasses got broken and her optometrist in SA faxed it through to her with a smile and they did not even charge me for the overseas call which costs a fortune there.
Nin and I played scrabble which had always been one of my favourite games, I whipped her little butt - it was great to play it again. Ry slept with Nin and I got little Zola Bud in my bed, I swear the kid does not stop running for a minute!!!

Saturday, July 15th
Had an 8am appt. at BMW, the cars central locking is not running right and it just drives funny, the mechanic takes it for a drive and says it is the shocks I need to have them tested at 8am on Monday morning, before we head out to Sun City. The Vaal is such a magical place, my folks place is attached to what was the Riviera Hotel. The have a huge outdoor enetertainment area with jungle gyms, an obstacle course, a trampolene and even swimming pools, all right on the banks of the Vaal river. It also happens to team with kids during the day and we had an array of kids walking in and out the house, Kaylen, Tiffany and Jasmine became regulars, for lunch tea, snacks, the kids even went to BBQ's/braais at night without me. Happiness my au pair has a great way with kids and really helped them have an unbelievable time.

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