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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The long road to recovery............

I hate whining but whine I gotta. Its been a rough few months. The hardest being my dad was finally discharged after having a triple bypass. The poor guy was in hospital for 3 weeks!!! The bypass operation was a success but he had some urological issues that had us hitting our heads against a wall. I swear he bled for 4 days before the Urologists would come and see him and when they did (after begging, pleading and screaming on my part), it was an itial cursory visit follwed by many phonecalls, no response and then having to deal with the shmuck of all shmucks a Dr. Bloom who had a negative bedside manner. Such a nasty little shit - just wanted to bang his head into an already used bedpan!!

So he home, still urinating blood, still passing blood clots, still in excruciating pain. G-d dang these dr's. We did change groups and got a much better response.

The cruise was ok - we left with heavy hearts as my dad was still in the hospital, when we left we knew he would be ok and was being discharged but hated leaving. But my dad was insistent and the kids were looking so forward to it, I did not want to dissapoint them. My dad only started bleeding once we were away.

I did not like the fact that the trip was all about food, all we did was eat and when we weren't eating we were talking about what we wanted to eat at our next meal or scouring the buffets for a nosh, and nosh we did.

The kids did not love the camp, the staff was exhausted and really not the warmest friendliest bunch. My sister said out of the 5 cruises she had been on this was by far the worst. The kids had a blast, I got to spend time with my sister and nephews - it ws really great to see them. We had such a heavy heart about my dad so we could not really give ourselves over to the experience completely.

Thank you for all the prayers, for all the love, for all the support - it really helped.

Take care.

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