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Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Time.......

The Summer started with a bang. It's funny (not ha ha) but Memorial Day Weekend is not the best time of year for Josh's mom, 3 years ago she had a stroke on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, which saved her life, as they diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer. Not being a lady who takes particularly good care of her health (understatement at best :) she would never have known about the cancer. The doctors at Sloan-Kettering in the City are amazing and she beat the cancer into remission, left with one lung but managed to feel better. The stroke was a harder recovery process then the lung cancer.

This year the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. Josh and his brother accompanied his mom to the city where the Doctor told them that May has brain and Spinal Cancer and they had given her less the 6 months to live. I was so upset that I could not sleep that night.

That Friday I had a crazy day at work, had Shabbat dinner at my folks and dragged myself and the kids into the car, Josh had to run to Fairways as we were expecting 60 people for a braai/BBQ on the Sunday. As the girls and I were getting to the top of my street my best friend Deb was arriving home (she lives at the top of my street). I pulled up next to the curb to say hi. Her daughter and my kids started chatting and making plans. I told them that I was exhausted and not a chance was I getting out car. the pleaded for 20 minutes. I said no way!! They prevailed, Deb offered to make some coffee and we could sit out in her magical backyard - she is such a talented gardner and has created such an oasis back there. She has huge wicker rocking chairs with gushy pillows that you just want to nap on. We sat down for literally 5 minutes, when I hear this blood curdling scream. Nikki had fallen off the monkey bars. I could tell straight away that her arm was broken. I grabbed her and rushed her to PM Pediatrics it's an unbelievable Emergency Room which caters to kids. I did some real low flying! Poor nikki screamed every time I flew over a bump.

We were there for ages, they confirmed that her arm was indeed broken, the put a soft cast on and told me to go to an Orthopedist on the Wednesday after the holiday. I came out called 2 of my friends who are unbelievable dr's and they both told me to take her to Schneider's Childrens Hospital for a second opinion. We picked Ry up from Deb, dropped her off at my folks and we ended up at the ER (again), until 1am. They confirmed the diagnosis.

Poor kid had such a rough night. I ended up spraining the muscles on my hip when I carried her, so Saturday was spent with me helping little Nikki and trying to get my Chiropractor to sort out my hip. He is such a gem and he did. After a full day on the Soccer Field he met me at his practise. Thank G-d.

The next day we had our big bash - it was so great to see everyone, we were so exhausted but had a great time. I looked fabulous in my hip brace :) and Nikki with her cast, what a pair we made :) There is nothing harder on earth then trying to get my overzealous, energetic little Nikki to chill out and not run.

Monday we had plans to go out with my M-I-L for lunch. We got to pick her up. Ring the door bell, no response. Ring again. Nothing. We got scared, luckily I carry her key with me, Josh went in, found her on the ground, she was weak and had fallen trying to answer the door. He picked her up and put her into bed. He was a freaked out and did not want to stay with her by herself so I told him to take the kids to my folks house. He came back, we spent the rest of the day with her and she seemed weak but better. I told her that the kids ahd got a bit of a fright knowing that she had fallen and I just wanted to get them and show them that she was OK. She said fine, I got the kids, we picked up dinner for everyone. We hung out together. My M-I-L needed to go to the bathroom, I helped her up and was helping her walk there, once in the bathroom she collapsed. I was stuck holding her, she was out cold, she is not a very overweight woman but definitely weighs more then me. I shouted to Josh to help me and for Ryan to call 911. She did such a great job, kept her cool and made the call.

Josh managed to get his mom to the bed and I grabbed the phone. Such a great mom, all I wanted was the kids to know that she was OK and they end up having to make calls to 911. I told Josh I was getting the kids out of there as I did not want them to see the ambulance and all the stress that goes on with assessing his mom. I called deb and told her she had two extra kids for the night. Dropped them, met Josh at the ER. The only positive was by May falling against me the way she did, she snapped my hip in the other direction and righted me. They stabalized May.

Two days later I was at the supermarket. I called my mom to see if she needed anything. I could hear a lot of noise in the background. I asked her what was going on. She told me that they were watching they house burn down - WHAT???? Yup they had an electrical fire and there two car garage went up in flames. Luckily the maintenance men saw what was going on and took the cars out of the garage. My folks were home and had no clue what was going on. Thank G-d they were ok.

Its been a crazy summer, my folks are still displaced, May is hanging in.

I was expecting a slow summer and have been really busy. The kids are at Gan Israel Camp, a Chabad camp that I was dreading but had turned out to be the best thing ever. Its a fraction of the price of the other camps and the kids are having a blast!!!

In a week and a half we are going on Cruise with my sister, her kids and my brother-in-law for 5 days. The kids will go test out Sleepaway camp at the end of the summer. It was a crazy start but the summer has been good since then. We have had some unbelievable parties, had 5 birthday parties for Ryan - including a sleepover party which was wild - she had the best time.
Its been crazy but all in all, its been good.

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