A South African, married to an American, finally adapting to my adopted country. I love life, laughter, good friends and the warmth that my two kids have filled me with. I glory in the colors of my life and am grateful for the gray days as they allow me to appreciate the rainbows.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...............

Thanksgiving is by far my favourite American holiday. I have found it really trying hanging on to the inner peace I discovered while in South Africa, I did not realize that once I attained it I would have to work so hard to keep it, and it is a real chore, but one that I need and am so very grateful to have. I feel blessed for this life, the people who surround me, the friends I have met, both here and online and through the course of my life. I feel so profoundly grateful, not for the journey, but for the place it took me to. I still can't even really think about what it took from me and those 10 dark depressive years but I relish the day and the daylight and am amazed I came through it without drugs, free and unscathed. With my kids, my husband my parents and all of you. I am so very grateful, every day is Thanksgiving but this year I get to surround myself with family and toast our thanks for all that is good in the world. Hope you all have a happy one. Deb gave me one great birthday gift, we went Jean shopping, looked so hideous in them that we joined weight watchers the very next day, so this year my table is laden with weight watchers core food, no sweet potato pie, no green bean casserole. No none of those delectable treats will be adorning my table this year, and I only allow myself once a year to even eat them, guess it will have to wait until next year.

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