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Monday, November 20, 2006

Human at last............

My birthday came and went in a whirlwind. Dee, Loren, Wenchy and Broom Girl thank you so much for all my thoughtful goodies and Deb well thanks for my own price is right show with my choices and the day of spoiling that had me in tears - tears of happiness but you sent me over the edge with your well thought out day and all the ways you showed me how much my friendship means to you. Ditto babe.

The weeks since then have been so hectic, work unraveled which for me means, oh fuck, got slammed with a $3,000.00 fine we could not afford to pay to start off with. Guess I got too smug for too long and too confident, guess its a reminder that I am human - how could that be???? Me? Human??? Nahh far too fabulous for that :) So friggin' fab I screwed up big time. To compound that little beauty every closing I touched went bust - big-time, I spent a week of working long crazy hours in weird wacky places and earned bubkah's for the effort. Ah well, just the nature of the real estate market in NY, it really is teetering on the brink of I am not sure what. Scary. I don't even dare utter the words. I have seen shenanigans (sp??) that make me doubt people in a big way, from attorney's who make up powers of attorney's to suit their needs and then are flabbagasted when I blow the deal up because I won't take their bogus documents in for recording. The other attorney at the closing is taking her before the Law Board. Slime of the earth, makes one feel like one needs a shower in dettol/lysol when one is done. Thankfully I carry a small purrell with me wherever I go. Oh swell, only 40 more shopping days to go before people can lock in their rates and get their tax write offs for this year. Lets hope its me residing over their closings. I have 3 grand to recoup and then some!!!

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