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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Unleashing the Beast...........

Last Tuesday I was in a pissy mood and have reached the stage in my life where I make no bones about it. My buddy Deb called me in the midst of me throwing my toys out of my cot (crib), I told her that I was in a bad mood, I was not even going to apologize for it and thats just the way it was and I would speak to her tomorrow.

I growled at everyone, got the kids ready for bed. Next thing the doorbell goes, in walks Deb with a big King Kong balloon, two huge grocery bags brimming over - can I just say it was FREEZING cold outside. She tips the bag on the table and in it is one of every weight watchers dessert that they make. Two trashy magazines I have never read before and a container of sugar free coolwhip. She hands me the balloon, says unleash the beast and have some dessert to make it alright. I burst out laughing, the beast set free, and we chowed down on some yummy desserts - bet they were worth at least 50 points. We looked through the magazines and laughed at how pathetic it was. I must say it really calmed me down. She is a real keeper that Deb. The next day her beast reared its ugly head so we went out shopping, said screw weight watchers and went for yummy Dim Sum -it was so friggin' good! We had such a great time. Unfortunately the only thing that lost weight this week was my wallet.

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