A South African, married to an American, finally adapting to my adopted country. I love life, laughter, good friends and the warmth that my two kids have filled me with. I glory in the colors of my life and am grateful for the gray days as they allow me to appreciate the rainbows.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back in time ...............

I took a trip down memory lane today, Ry's friend Ashley turned 9 and celebrated at United Skates of America. I was transported back to the early 80's, when Cresta roller rink was the place to be in our neck of the woods. We would all get dressed up in our mini skirts, head teased up high, sporting huge shoulder pads. Honestly wish that butt pads were more in fashion, those mini skirts showed off many a bruise. The slimiest Michael Jackson immitators would strut their stuff. They have not dissapeared completely, I was lucky enough to be hit on by slime in a black leather jacket, he watched me strut my stuff, and I have to say after 25 years, I still have it. Today Cresta is a huge Shopping Center, the Roller Rink is long g one and as for me, I am tapping at 40's door, inspite of that I had a blast. My kids pooped out early, shocked at what their mom, could do - if only they knew :) Plenty more surprises where that comes from.

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